Monday, October 26, 2015

A Halloween Mystery Tale - Who is Eating My Pumpkins?

This year a pumpkin vine wandered outside of our garden fence so a couple of pumpkins grew there.  I noticed that something had chewed on them a little, but they were mostly left alone.

Something has been chewing on my pumpkins

But then one day I noticed a large fresh new hole had been made in one of the pumpkins.

A big bite mark in a pumpkin
I wondered who or what was eating my pumpkin.

Tim the border collie and a pumpkin
I did see Tim relaxing in the grass near the pumpkins.  Was that a guilty look on his face?

Hank the border collie and a pumpkin
Hank also had also been seen by the pumpkins and he looked a little shifty-eyed to me.  But there were other suspects.  We see a lot of different species of wildlife including moose, bear, deer, coyotes, porcupines, squirrels, chipmunks and snowshoe hares.

We have a trail camera, so we decided to mount it on the fence to find out who was eating our pumpkins.

Trail Camera Mounted on a Fence Post

The next day one of the pumpkins was gone so I pulled out the camera chip to see who took the pumpkin and here is the video of the culprit:

The Great Halloween Pumpkin Mystery solved!  How could I have even suspected Tim or Hank?

A border collie eating some pumpkin

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