Monday, October 13, 2014

A Visit to Three Forks Off Leash Dog Park - Snoqualmie, WA

Tim and Hank visit Three Forks Off-Leash Dog Area

It's been awhile since we shared one of our adventures.  It isn't because we haven't had any adventures - we've just been too busy to find the time to share them.  One of the places we've been is to Three Forks Off-Leash Dog area in Snoqualmie, WA.  If this isn't an area you're familiar with, here is a link to a map: Map to Three Forks Dog Park

Snoqualmie River on a misty autumn morning
The off-leash dog area is part of the larger Three Forks Natural area located on the flood plain of the Snoqualmie River.  This is the view from the parking lot n a misty autumn morning with cottonwood and maple trees lining Meadowbrook Slough, a side channel of the river.

Three Forks Dog Park Entrance Gate
No time to linger at the view - Tim and Hank are eager to check out the park and wait anxiously at the gate,

Inside the gate, trees, a meadow and new friends await.
Inside the gate we discover the dog park has a large, fully fenced 6 acre meadow, surrounded by a bark path and dotted with several picnic tables and trees.

Benches under the shade of a big maple tree
The meadow has a lovely shady area with benches and picnic tables under a large maple tree.

Three Forks Dog Park Trail
The trail along the fence is barked and extends around the entire perimeter of the park.

Border collies in the mist
The grassy center was great for sniffing around, running and playing chase games.

A fresh mole hill
Hank enjoyed checking out a fresh mole hill.

Poop Bag Dispensers
The park comes equipped with a poop bag dispenser and a garbage can on each side of the meadow.

Gate to the Trail

A gate on the opposite side of the dog park leads to a branch of the Snoqualmie River Trail system  which we'll be exploring on another day,