Monday, August 31, 2015

Genessee Dog Park - Seattle, WA

In our quest to check out all of the off-leash dog parks in Seattle, my border collie, Hank and I visited Genessee Dog Park in Southeast Seattle.  Tim was on a different adventure with Dog Daddy today.

Genesee Off-Leash Dog Area - Seattle, WA

Where is Genesee Park?

Genesee Park is located in Southeast Seattle near the Stan Sayres Hydroplane Pits between the Mount Baker, Columbia City and Seward Park neighborhoods. 

Clean-up Bag Dispenser at Genesee Dog Park
There are two double-gated entrance gates with handy clean-up bag dispensers.  Unfortunately the dispensers needed refilling on the day of our visit, so I was glad that I always bring my own clean-up bags in the dispenser attached to my dog leashes.

The Genesee dog park is 2.5 acres in size and is completely fenced  It was easy to keep an eye on Hank as the park is fairly flat and open. 
Gravel Play Area at Genesee Dog Park - Seattle, WA

 The central area is covered in gravel, which makes it a little dusty in the summer, but keeps it mud-free in the winter.  There are also several picnic tables and logs where humans can sit and relax while observing their dogs.

Shade Trees at Genesee Park Off-Leash Dog Area - Seattle, WA

There are some larger trees providing shade on one edge of the park.

Young Trees at Genesee Park, Seattle

Hank does some preliminary sniffing around some young trees that have been protected by fencing.  As they grow taller, they will provide some additional shady areas.

Dogs Meeting at Genesee Dog Park, Seattle

Soon Hank is greeted by some of the other dogs who were enjoying the park.

Play time at Genesee Off-Leash Dog Park - Seattle, WA

It doesn't take long for Hank to find another dog who wants to play.  After Hank enjoyed about an hour of play time and taking in the scents of the park, we bid a fond farewell to Genesee Dog Park.