Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tambark Creek Dog Park - near Mill Creek, WA

Tambark Creek Dog Park - Snohomish County, WA
Tambark Creek Park opened in June 2013 and features an approximately 2 acre off-leash dog area.  With a busy summer going other places, we didn't get around to visiting for the first time until a foggy autumn morning in October 2013.   The Bothell, WA address to the park is a bit misleading, because it is actually closer to Mill Creek, WA.  Here is a map:

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We parked in a parking lot on the west side of the park and it was only a short walk including down a path which includes a bridge across Tambark Creek.

The dog park is fully enclosed with a sturdy fence about 4 feet tall, with a double gated entry and a supply of clean-up bags provided.

Although the off-leash area isn't large, it is nicely treed to keep it shady on a hot summer day and all of the trees and shrubs gave Hank and Tim lots of great places to sniff.

Tim enjoying the scents at Tambark Creek Dog Park

Native shrubs and trees at Tambark Creek Park

Hank found some other friendly dogs to entice into chase games - photos were a blur, but here he is in a rare moment standing still taking a breather.

Tambark Creek Dog Park is a nice addition to the growing list of off-leash dog areas available in Snohomish County.