Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Winter Hike on Little Si Trail

Little Si Trailhead
This winter we're out exploring the Issaquah Alps and Cascade Foothills, great places for hiking near Seattle.  This week we decided to hike the Little Si Trail.  According to the Washington Trails Association, the round trip distance is 4.7 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 1500 feet.

The trailhead is near Tanner,WA.  (Who knew?  I had never heard of Tanner even though I've lived in the Seattle area since birth!)

The trail immediately starts an uphill climb with a rocky surface.  No need to do any time on the stair master today after the first quarter mile of this hike.  I will admit that the rocky surface is a pleasant relief from the typical Pacific Northwest muddy winter trail.  Dogs are required to be on leash and for good reason, this is a popular trail and a dog running loose could easily bump into someone causing them to fall on the rocks.

Tim and Hank my Border Collies starting up the Little Si Trail

View of the Snoqualmie Valley from Little Si Trail
 It doesn't take long to gain enough elevation to have some great views of the Snoqualmie Valley.

Ferns and Moss along the Little Si Trail
 As we steadily climb, we round a corner and pass through an area surrounded by lush ferns and moss-covered trees and rocks.
An old snag covered in moss
 The trail levels off and passes through an area with some old trees and moss-covered snags.
A Boardwalk on the Little Mt Si Trail
 A wet area is spanned by a boardwalk, but beware,  these can be slippery when wet, especially in the winter.
A View of Mt Si from Little Si
 The trail gets steeper revealing a rocky ledge with views of the taller summit of Mount Si.

A Rocky Ledge Along the Little Si Trail

A short distance of a steady uphill grade and we arrive at the summit of Little Si with views of North Bend and the Snoqualmie Valley below.

North Bend, WA and the Snoqualmie River Valley

Boulder Garden Loop Trail Sign - Little Si Mountain

Since it was such a lovely, sunny winter day we decided we weren't yet ready to leave Little Si, so we decided to do the extra 1.5 mile sidetrip on the Boulder Garden Loop on our way back to the trailhead. 

Boulder Garden Loop Trail, Little Si
 The Boulder Garden Loop is a beautiful trail, which passes between tall trees and walls of large boulders covered with ferns and moss.

Moss Covered Rocks Along the Boulder Garden Loop
  The path twists and turns with gorgeous views around every corner.

Hank and Tim, the Border Collies in the Burbs
 We complete the Boulder Garden Loop and arrive back at the main Little Si Trail.

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