Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Have a New Foster Sister

Sasha - a border collie/terrier mix

We've been pretty busy for the past few weeks because we have a new foster sister. Her name is Sasha and she is 1-2 year old border collie - terrier mix. We weren't sure we liked her that much at first because she was such a pest. She was so excited and wouldn't quit when we wanted to stop playing, but she's gotten better and now she and Hank enjoy playing chase games every day.  We especially enjoy splashing through puddles. But mom says she can't handle having three dogs living in the burbs, so we need to find her a good home.

Hank and Sasha playing chase games and splashing through a puddle

She is listed on the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue Website We know there must be someone out there who will appreciate how much fun she is and give her a great home!

A Close-up of Sasha's face - some fuzzy whiskers from her terrier side, but a border collie stare with those eyes!
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