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Valentine's Day Gifts for Women Who Love Their Dog

Since everyone knows how much I adore my dogs, sometimes the significant other of another crazy dog lady will ask me what gift to give a woman who loves her dogs.  If you want to make her happy on Valentine's Day, don't end up in the doghouse by competing with her dog for her love. Instead, give a gift that will show your sweetheart that you understand and accept how much her dog means to her and be sure to make her dog your friend.

If my dog doesn't like you, I don't like you.

The next thing to know, is that no matter what anyone else thinks, she thinks her dog is beautiful.
Tim the border collie

Above is a photo of my border collie, Tim.   Even if he just looks like a dog to you, to me he is absolutely adorable.

Hank the border collie

And this is a photo of my other border collie, Hank.   Look at that face!  Isn't he cute? 

Who wouldn't love both of them?  Well, maybe the squirrel they chased this morning doesn't, but I can't understand why anyone else wouldn't think they are both just gorgeous.

 Valentine Day Card for Gals Who Love Dogs

If she's crazy about dogs, you will score lots of points by getting her a greeting card from her dog or dogs. Greeting card companies have started making cards "from the dog" for holidays and special occasions. Even better yet, customize a card or create your own by downloading a photo of HER dog
Valentine's Day Card from the Dog
Valentine's Day Card from the Dog by VickiSims
Look at more cards from Zazzle.
Or Dogs....
on a platform like Zazzle.

Valentine's Day Dinner with Her and Her Dog

Her dog doesn't need to be an impediment to a romantic Valentine's Day Dinner date. You can either make her a wonderful dinner at home, get take-out or make a reservation at a dog-friendly restaurant. More and more restaurants allow dogs, so do a little research in your area to see what restaurants are dog-friendly. If you can't find a dog friendly restaurant nearby, there is nothing my dogs and I like better than a delicious pizza delivered to our door.  My dogs love pizza crust!

Photo Credit: Pizza 002 by British Mum on Flickr - Creative Commons License 2.0

Have A Candlelight Dinner

A candlelit evening at home is always a romantic way to spend Valentine's Day, her birthday or your anniversary. Plan ahead by bringing along a candle in case she doesn't have one.  A a jar candle  is safer around pets than traditional tapers.

Dinner by candle light

If her best friend has given her home a bit of a doggie smell, you might want to buy her a scented candle or simmer pot in her favorite scent. Or, if she acknowledges that sometimes her beloved pet has perhaps a bit of an odor problem you can get her a candle specially formulated to eliminate pet odors.

Odor No More Candle

Watch a Great Movie About a Dog

After dinner, for your evening entertainment, there are lots of great movies about dogs you can buy or rent. Sit and stay while you watch one of these classic movies about dogs with your sweetheart.

Before you sit down to enjoy one of these movies, don't forget to have a box of tissues handy and your shoulder ready to be cried on - most of these movies are tear-jerkers!

Great Books Featuring Dogs

If your lady likes to read, she would probably enjoy a good book about a dog. I have read many great books about dogs and here is a list of my top 10 personal favorites in no particular order:

A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

The Dog Lived (And So Will I)  by Teresa Rhyne

The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

James Herriot's Dog Stories by James Herriot

Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog by John Grogan

Merle's Door: Lessons of a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote

Polar Dream by Helen Thayer

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him by Luis Carlos Montalvan and Bret Witter

    Safety When Walking the Dog at Night

    Show her that you care this Valentine's Day with a gift that will help keep her and her dog safe and dry while taking walks. Fluorescent vests or raincoats will make her more visible at night. Does she need a flashlight or headlamp to help her see in the dark?

    Avoiding Falls on Snow and Ice in the Winter

    I have a pair of these Yaktrax - they really do give great traction when walking on icy surfaces and are quick and easy to put on over any pair of shoes or boots.

    Gifts for Traveling with Her Dog

    If she likes to take her dog with her everywhere she goes, she'll appreciate a gift that will keep both her and her dog safe and secure in the car. Harnesses attach to the vehicle safety belt and prevent the dog from jumping around and distracting the driver while also helping to protect the dog from injury in case of an sudden stop or accident.

    Make a Personalized Gift with a Photo of Her Dog

    She will love a personalized coffee mug, phone case, keychain, laptop cover or other personalized gift using a photo of her dog.

     Gifts from a Handy Person

    If you are handy with tools, you can make her day special by checking off some items on her "honey-do" wish list. Maybe she'd like a fence built or repaired or a doggie door installed to make life easier for her and her furry pal.   I have a pet door for my dogs and after enjoying the convenience of having one, I wouldn't want to live with dogs without one.

    Doggie Door in a door
    This is the one we have in our mud room door. 

     I can leave the house without ever needing to worry that my dog will have an accident in the house, or worse, cause my dog discomfort from "holding it" until I get home. It is also handy when I'm home and don't have to stop what I'm doing to let the dog in or out.

    Pet door insert in a sliding patio door

    There are several different types of pet doors including ones that can be installed in walls, solid doors or sliding glass doors.  We used to have one like this one in our slider in our previous home.

    Make Her Dog Your Friend with a Healthy Treat

    My Border Collie Enjoying a Flint River Ranch Chicken Jerky Dog Treat 

    Healthy Treats for Her Dog

    Since imported pet treats have often been recalled for making pets sick, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you purchase high quality dog treats for her dog that are made in the USA. You can make her dog your friend by giving him or her these great treats and you can also break them up into small pieces to fill a Kong or Buster Cube which will keep most dogs busy for awhile.  A great way to find some alone time with you and your sweetheart!

    KONG Classic Dog Toy, Large, Red
    Enrych Soft Buster Cube Pet Toy, Large

    Do You Have a Valentine Who Loves Dogs? - Did this page give you some Valentine Day Gift Ideas?